Our Search Methodology

Your search methodology?  What the heck does that mean?  Well, I’m glad you asked.  Our search methodology is the way we look at the business of physician recruitment based on the blending of several factors:  1-Philosophy, 2-Experience and 3-Effectiveness.
1-Our philosophy: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  Your elders were right about this.  So how would I want to be treated?  I’d want my recruiter to understand why I’m moving, my family needs and specifically what I want from a position.  Then I’d want the recruiter to work feverishly to meet those my needs.  I’d also want honesty…tell me if there will be challenges ahead or when my requests are out of the norm for the opportunity’s market.  With a hardworking recruiter, there is no need to work with anyone else or blindly send my CV to ads.
2- I’d want my recruiter to have experience and longevity.  The experience to have seen many different situations with many different physicians over the span of many years.  I’d want him versed on the little nuances in properly communicating with potential employers, contract negotiation, etc. in order to smoothly guide me through my job search.  
3- I’d want my recruiter to be effective.  I’d like quick results, but I do not want him to blindly send my CV all over an area without my knowledge, which could jeopardize my reputation or current job.  I’d want a professional recruiter to consult me about an opportunity, inform me about the specifics, help me prep for interviews and help me evaluate offers based on current industry specific practices and compensation. Just like a superstar athlete, I’d need an effective agent so I won’t receive surprise calls from prospective employers and appear ill prepared because I won’t know which opportunity they are calling about.  I’d want my recruiter to be effective in the job search, which would make me look like the valuable professional I am!
So, there you have it…Our Search Methodology, which was formed with YOU, the prospective candidate, in mind.  We asked the question, “What would I want from my recruiter?”  Our philosophy is the answer to that question.  It’s your search, and we believe you deserve the best experience possible! 

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