Make Up Your Mind!

“I’m thinking I’ll start my own practice. Well, maybe I’ll join a group. You know, being a hospital employee has it’s advantages. How about an independent contractor? Maybe I’ll just do locums. I like the city, but my spouse likes the country. We have family here and there, but also there. Do we want to live that close to family? Yeah, well maybe. What about a place for me to worship? Is it really that important? I think so, but I never go. What about my loans? It would be nice to get them paid. I need to make a lot of money, but I’m not living there no matter what they pay.”

Make Up Your MindIs this the voice inside your head? I hope so. I hope so? Sure. I want you to mentally explore all the different options available, THEN decide what it is you want. But you also have to decide what you need. What is a “must” and what is a “would be nice”. Make a list, then another. Cross things out. Re-order the “musts”. Add items. Subtract items. Then make another list. It’s okay. It’s a process.

I suggest narrowing the list prior to interviewing. I think it makes answering the question, “Why this opportunity?”, much easier and genuine when you really know because you invested your time and heart in the process.

Sometimes interviews can help refine your list, but I would count that as a blessing, not your main tool to winnow the list.

It’s a process. Try to enjoy it. It’s a process to help you…Make Up Your Mind..and find the right job.

Defining purpose: Define what you are looking for in a position. Some items to consider are: environment (rural, suburban or urban), practice set-up (group, partnership, employee, etc.), compensation plan and rotation. Obtain information from colleagues and other professionals to gain insight on the pros and cons of these subjects. Combine the findings with your personal preferences to formulate the parameters of your search.

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