Job Search FAQ

Q: Should I hire a lawyer to review my contract?

A: In general, yes.  We are not lawyers and do not give legal advice.  We have reviewed many contracts and can provide you with feedback as to what we have seen in the market.  The choice of a lawyer is critical.  Find someone well versed in medical contract law, as well as the state’s laws in which you will practice.  Try to find an attorney recommended by someone else.  Also, make sure the attorney has enough time to review the contract in a timely manner.  Negotiations could be hampered by a slowed response time.

Q: If I am a resident, when should I decide upon accepting a position?

A: As a general rule, the earlier the better.  The more time you have to work on license applications, hospital privileges, finding a new home and moving arrangements, the less stress you’ll encounter.  Many hospitals recruit for summer positions in the fall and early winter.  Don’t think all of the “good” positions are taken by the end of winter.  We assist physicians throughout the year because contract expirations occur throughout the year.  Don’t worry.  Have confidence that the right position will be available.  Call us, we are here to help!

Q: Who handles negotiations, me or my recruiter?

A: Whenever possible, your recruiter should handle your negotiations.   Having a liaison reduces the potential for heated arguments between two parties.  Keep in mind, professional recruiters regularly perform this task.

Q: With how many recruiters should I work?

A:  That depends on your organizational ability.   When recruiters present opportunities to you, it is best to record which recruiter presented which position to reduce the chance for miscommunication.   If you find the right recruiter,  all you will need is one.   Please view How to Select a Recruiter for essential tips.

Q: Do recruiters handle Physicians with a J-1 or H-1B visa?

A:  Some do.   At Genesis we have worked with and placed both.

Q: Do I have to be board certified?

A:  No, but board certification helps most recruiting situations.   Regardless, you must find a recruiter that will present you in the most effective manner to potential employers.   Your recruiter must understand your past and current circumstances and be able to articulate them to help you obtain an interview.

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