Interviewing Tips

1. Defining purpose: Define what you are looking for in a position. Some items to consider are: environment (rural, suburban or urban), practice set-up (group, partnership, employee, etc.), compensation plan and rotation. Obtain information from colleagues and other professionals to gain insight on the pros and cons of these subjects. Combine the findings with your personal preferences to formulate the parameters of your search.

2. Preparation: Practice! Practice! Practice! Do your homework before you interview. Anticipate possible questions and write answers for each.

3. Punctuality: Don’t just be on time, be a little early for each site and telephone interview.

4. Appearance: Arrive at the interview with a neat and clean appearance. Avoid being overly made-up. Dress conservatively and comfortably.

5. Body language: Eye contact is essential. If shaking hands, offer a firm handshake. Erect posture shows confidence. Sit down only after being offered a chair.

6. Portfolio: Show the interviewer that you plan ahead. Bring copies of necessary information (CV and references). A legal notebook for taking notes is always recommended. A list of questions to help you evaluate the opportunity is essential. We will provide you with this list of questions! Just call 800-948-2822 for your free copy.

7. Enthusiasm: Bring an absolutely positive attitude into the interview without being too familiar. Negativism is not allowed. Sell yourself. The difference between bragging and self confidence is enthusiasm.

8. Smile: A genuine heart warming smile can win over anyone.

9. Thank you: At the end of each interview, thank the interviewer for their time. Follow up with a thank you note highlighting various points discussed during the visit.

10. Use a professional recruiter: Have a professional recruiter handle the search process for you. The task can be overwhelming to organize and maintain.

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